About Us

City Summit is the vision of long term friends and passionate climbers, Damien Hall and Nigel Ray.  They looked at indoor rock climbing centres in Perth and even Australia and thought “we can do this, but better”.

So we created an awesome custom built climbing centre, started training and teaching people how to be better climbers, helped them to get stronger at their sport and welcomed a whole new generation of climbers into the Kids Club program.

While we continue to put our heads and heart into our climbing centre in Malaga, we are now using our experience to build custom climbing walls and training programs for venues all over Australia and the world.

We provide inspections of existing climbing walls and carry about rectification work to ensure climbers and venues are safe.  In our downtime, we have been working on a revolutionary new product for building climbing walls and are now exclusive suppliers of Gecko holds and volumes in Australia.

Unique climbing walls built to Australian standards

We made a deliberate choice to design a centre to meet the needs of our climbers and to challenge them with unique climbing walls that are designed and constructed from an in-house team of climbers and engineers.

The walls are characterised by sharp lines and features in the Spiderwall, large over hangs and chimneys and realistic climbs such as the Dreamcatcher, the first of its kind based on a route on Cacodemon Boulder in British Colombia.

damien hall lead climber
nigel rock climber

We made a deliberate choice to design and construct the centre ourselves to create a unique climbing experience right here in Perth.

Our climbing centre and climbing community is the result of hard work and dedication of our amazing team.  You can see some of our smiling faces below.  Make sure you say hi when you visit us at the centre.  We will be happy to chat anything climbing with you no matter your age or experience.

Want to know more about our team?   Meet the team.

Our photos are thanks to the talented Deanna Whyte. You can find her at deannawhyte.com.au and on instagram @deannawhytephotography