The Bakehouse, new training shed and equipment

The original floor space of City Summit never really allowed for a good training area and as a result was always a little crowded and encroached on the climbing area and entry. We have now rectified that issue by opening the purpose built training shed outside the main roller door.

The 6 x 6 meter shed has plenty of space for large groups such as ClimbFIT classes as well as individual or one-on-one training. There is already a great array of training equipment with a mixture of climbing specific and equipment free weights with a lot more to come.

This space is an awesome training area where you feel the burn, pump and sweat; its aptly called the Bakehouse. It is open to all customers during operating hours, no lose chalk as liquid chalk is provided. We ask that you use a towel to cover apparatus in use and respect the facilities.

Equipment includes:

3 hangboards

campus board

custom designed lattice board

systems board with counter weighted, easy adjustment*

sit up bench

squat rack

Power grips and gymnasium rings

Yet to come:

large chin up bars, stall and additional weights equipment

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