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Challenge and engage your students

Whether it’s a day excursion or a climbing course, we will look after your school group with experienced instructors and huge climbing centre to explore.

The Outcomes Based Course (OBC) is designed to provide teachers and students with a practical, challenging and rewarding course to teach the sport of rock climbing.  Course content, assessment and student feedback is delivered by our experienced climbing instructors in small groups to ensure students get the most from their climbing experience.

Through the practice of climbing and the course activities, students learn effective communication, teamwork and goal setting.   Rock climbing is also a great for building self-confidence both on and off the wall.

City Summit’s goal is to increase participation in the sport of climbing in Western Australia. We pride ourselves on high teaching standards, best practices and above all a safe learning environment.

The course follows the Outdoor Education Curriculum requirements and covers:

  • Equipment safety, maintenance and use
  • Climbing Communication
  • Correct and safe belay process
  • Climbing Techniques
  • Climbing Knots
  • Bouldering
  • Introduction to Lead Climbing
  • Top Roping skills and techniques with focus on graded climbs
fundamental climbing skills techniques

Our course provides students the opportunity to build self-confidence, work in a team and understand how to set and achieve personal goals.

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Get me started

The Outcomes Based Course is available for both on and offsite delivery and can be structured dependent on your timetable and budget requirements.  We recommend a minimum of 5 weeks duration of 1 to 2 hour sessions per week.  The course can be extended anywhere up to 10 weeks with increased outcomes to suit.  We can also work with you to accommodate any required learning outcomes and/or skill levels of your group.

Course costs

One hour session: $12 per student/week
Two hour session: $15 per student/week

*  Program cost includes instructor delivered content, entry to the gym and equipment hire (harness, shoes & chalk bag).

Casual Visits

School groups are also welcome for casual visits. We offer discounted all day entry passes for $16 pp for groups up to 30 students or $13 pp for groups of 31+ students. Includes harness hire and induction on entry. Bookings essential.

To book give us a call on 9248 7035.

Rock climbing is a rapidly growing global sport.  Challenge your students with a great course to complement their academic education.

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What is involved in a typical class?

On commencement of the course, students are divided into groups of eight and assigned an Instructor. These groups remain consistent throughout the course to encourage team building, communication and familiarity among peers and climbing styles.

We start each class with a light warm-up and stretching, introduction to course content and a recap of previous material.  Each session introduces the class to new ideas and concepts and allows exploration of these concepts with exercises and tactics.

Students are given the opportunity to climb each week to practise the prescribed skills and outcomes.  On course completion students are presented a Certficate of Attainment for their efforts. We encourage graduates to continue their climbing practice and offer discounts on entry valid for the remainder of the year.

School administrators are provided with course assessment results and feedback is available on individual and group performance. To book call us on 9248 7035.