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Bouldering Wall Fabrication

Opening Day at City Summit is August 18th

Want to be one of the first to tackle Australia’s largest bouldering wall?  Register for the CAWA Pump Fest bouldering competition at City Summit on August 18th2012.  This will be a closed event for all competitors and gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to climb some of the most difficult indoor climbing walls in Perth; and of course spectators are welcome.

The image featured is the bouldering wall, a 5.4 meter high structure boasting a 45 degree face, large overhang and volume style shapes.  It has some awesome exposure and has already put some fear into Perth’s best boulderer’s.   The competition day will see the bouldering wall in full swing as well as the unique SpiderWall that features 67 degree “peaks and troughs”.  Problems will also be set at the base of the DreamCatcher providing some awesome challenges.Come and enjoy what will be an amazing day with a gravy chain lunch from the webber plus other entertainment.  Register now to make the first day of climbing at City Summit a huge success.Pump fest registration