Check out our climbing walls

Lead Climbing Wall

As we rapidly approach our opening date we thought it was time to show all our patient members some images of the completed climbing walls at City Summit.  In this news feed we are featuring the Beginners wall and lead wall including the Bridge over the roller door.

Indoor Rock Climbing Perth



The beginner’s wall is the only wall in the centre with a negatively inclined face; this will be used for inductions and beginners programs but has also been set with higher graded climbs.  The beginner’s wall has 7 top roping stations at 9 meters high and will be the main wall used by children’s parties keeping the main climbing walls free on weekends for experienced climbers.  Art work on this wall was completed by Nigel’s sister Jeness Ray and features two hikers, a woodsman and yeti peering over the mountains.  The wall is located directly in front of the café mezzanine and provides great interaction between climbers and spectators.

The lead wall incorporates a large overhang at 1200mm deep at 4.5 meters high as well as the large bridge over the roller door.  A long traversing lead climb on this wall takes in three overhangs, an inclined section and is around 22 meters long.  The abstract art was again completed by Jeness and is a bit of a tribute to Nigel on the day he was bitten by a tiger snake while climbing at Bob’s Hollow on Shaved cat.  This lead wall provides a great ceiling climb and should challenge all lead climbers.