City Summit – Opening Soon!

City Summit Announce an Opening Date… 18th of August 2012

To all the climbers out there who have been itching to get on the walls at City Summit your time has finally come and thanks for the patience.  City Summit has agreed to host the Pump Fest in association with CAWA on August 18th 2012; this will be your first chance to tackle some of the best climbing walls in Perth.

City Summit will open its doors for the first time on the competition date; the centre may not be fully completed by that time however we thought it important to keep our part of the agreement with CAWA.  The climbing floor and safety components will certainly be completed but the café and viewing deck may not be completed… but hey, at least you have the opportunity to have a crack at some of the most difficult indoor walls in Perth including the massive 5.4 meter high bouldering wall.

An official opening date will be announced shortly after the Pump Fest and those competing on the day will receive a special offer for the official opening.  So… if you want to be one of the first to climb the walls here at City Summit register now for the Pump Fest on August 18th2012.  You don’t have to be one of the best climbers and you don’t have to win it to say that you were the first to climb at City Summit!

Good Luck to all involved and see you soon at City Summit… Finally!!

CAWA Pump Fest Registration