EA and EB walls at City Summit

City Summit Climbing WallsUnusual name but great climbing wall; these two walls are the main top roping walls at City Summit and are located at the back of the centre.  Both walls are 9 meters high and have a total of 20 top ropes.

These walls have a number of different features providing some unique and diverse challenges.  On one wall there is the shallow over hang which also doubles as a ceiling/overhang traverse climb on lead, although only shallow it provides a great challenge with the right routes set.  The wall also features a chimney section that starts out extremely narrow and widens at the top making some difficult climbing; the chimney also features two layback crack climbs of varying difficulty.

The walls also have two angled faces, one a straight angle face which comes out 500mm from its base and the other a double incline with the top section steeper than the first finishing 2.5 meters from its base; this section of the wall will be lead only.  Next to these two features are the three crack climbs, unique to Perth climbing gyms which will provide a huge challenge to all levels of climbers.  The great thing about these two walls is at any time we can alternate them from top rope to lead giving a large number of new routes to climbers overnight.  On opening this wall will commence as top rope and will swap over to lead within a couple of months.

The awesome artwork on these two walls was completed by Peter Long.