First ascent of City Summit’s Dreamcatcher

$1000 Cash and $900’s worth of Skylotech  and Tendon gear!!!!    dreamcatcher climbing route
Want some cold hard cash in your back pocket and some brand new climbing gear?

All you have to do is the first ascent of City Summit’s DreamCatcher.  Yep, that’s all… and you get $1000 cash, $700s worth of Skylotec gear including the Duffle L gear bag, Skylotec harnesses, carabiners and quickdraws as well as a Tendon Master 9.7mm rope from Climbing Anchors.

To be awarded the prize and to have your name permanently etched as the first ascent, you must complete the climb cleanly without rests or hangdogging.  Have as many attempts as you like; practice sections at a time but put it all together and the prize and glory is yours.

The DreamCatcher at City Summit is one of those climbs that we often look at think wouldn’t it be good to do it but never really attempt it, there is only one way to know and that is to attempt it.  It is a great climb that requires patience, strength and technique but is one hell of a fun climb… so get in there and give it a crack, push yourself and see where it takes you!

We hear that there are a couple of guys from the Eastern states coming out to tick it off, surely we loyal West Aussies are not going to let that happen???  And Sharma, if you’re out there, why not have a go at the real DreamCatcher???

So the gauntlet has been laid down, get in there and have a go at this classic climb.