Forget the gym….

Forget the gym and come rock climbing instead. You will burn more calories per hour with a complete workout to build your strength, improve your flexibility and it will help your body to burn fat and strengthen your cardiovascular muscles. Climbing is also a great meditative activity as it trains your brain in concentration and problem solving skills and encourages the release of mood lifting seratonin.

At City Summit you don’t need a climbing partner. We have a range of options for those who travel solo.  These include; climbing on our self locking pulley top rope climbs, attending a class where you will be matched up with someone or try private tuition with a City Summit Instructor.

You can do all of this as a casual visitor or if you take out a City Summit Paid Membership you will be eligible to some amazing discounts. All City Summit members receive the following benefits in additional to unlimited entry to the centre.

  • 10% Discount* off purchases made in the City Summit ProShop or Cafe
  • Discounted entry to ClimbFIT and Private Instruction sessions
  • Jump the queue on entry – No waiting at reception for entry
  • Gift voucher giveaways
  • Preference for a place on our free lead climbing course
  • Access to free wifi and Fox Sports Channels
  • Rewards points for dollars spent in store

* 10% discount excludes purchases made for membership and centre courses. Only valid for use by current paid members. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

How much you say?  Membership starts from a very low price of $34 per fortnight when you setup direct debit or pay upfront at $75 for month by month for under 18’s and concession card holders and $85 per month for adults. That’s about half the cost of your standard gym membership. Plus is gets cheaper the longer you sign up for!  Check out our membership page for details.