New bouldering wall at City Summit

Some of the feedback we had received in the past three years is that although the bouldering wall at City Summit has some great height, there was too much focus on flat sections of wall and not enough angle.

You asked for it and now you get it!

We are very pleased to announce that over the Christmas break the team at City Summit will be working hard on renovating the bouldering wall bringing in some fantastic new features!

The twin peaks to the left of the structure will remain as well as the two vertical sections at back left hand side; every other section of wall undergoes a major renovation with some awesome new sections added.

New Design…

Boulder wall redesign5

boulder wall right hand side and front prow showing new angles and additional “cave”

Boulder wall redesign1

Left had side sectional view showing front Prow extension and box slab addition

So what’s new?

The key focus of the redesign has been to remove the 90° corners found on the roof sections and increase the number of angled faces on the wall.

The front prow is now one continuous face creating a 20° angle 5 meters in length and the existing 35° wall on the right hand side is now extended to the top of the wall removing the large overhang section.

Most importantly, the design sees the addition of the back cave creating a 42° angle extending some 4.5 meters high. The wall now boasts well over 23 lineal meters at 5 meters high of pure bouldering heaven! To put that in perspective, that is the same distance as the full gym!

Work will commence on Boxing Day with the aim to re-launch the beast by the 2nd of January. The bouldering wall will be out of action during this period with the rest of the centre still available for climbing.

Come the New Year, all our members will have a completely new bouldering experience complete with fresh new routes to help burn off that Christmas cheer!!