Now that is a climbing wall!

We have been a little quite lately but there have been some huge developments at City Summit over the last few weeks and the centre is really taking shape as we really start the downhill run to an opening date.

Perth Climbing Gym

The SpiderWall is now complete and ready for route setting.  It is the largest wall at City Summit and throws up some amazing lines with changing features at every belay bar, the route setters will have their hands full this one!  The wall is just short of 10 meters high and is 14 meters long; half thewall will be lead and the other half top rope giving some great challenges to all levels.  The SpiderWall really is something to be seen!

We have finally moved the large EB wall to the middle of the gym and it is in it’s final place, the Bridge goes up above the roller door tonight and then it’s onto cladding the Bouldering wall.  We are not game to put a date on opening just yet because, well let’s face it, we keep missing the date we set; but rest assured City Summit will be open for climbing in the not too distant future.

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