Perth Bouldering Championship 2013

Get excited, the City Summit Bouldering Championship for 2013 has officially been announced for Saturday 13 April 2013. City Summit is raising the bar for competitive climbing in Perth with a massive lineup of prizes totaling over $8000 including an impressive and unprecedented lineup of Competition Prizes, Competition Pool prizes plus Door prizes.  This is going to be huge so don’t miss out.

Hit the Competition page to find out all the details and to register your place as a competitor. If you are an active competitor you are going to love the City Summit Bouldering Championship and this is just the beginning for what we have planned for competitive climbing in WA.  If you are fresh faced to competition then this is the best time to make an entrance and experience what competitive climbing has to offer.  It doesn’t matter what level you are, you are still eligible to win a prize by entering a team into a Competition Pool.  Competing in a Pool allows you to compete in the main competition as well as earn bragging rights against your friends to see who is best on the day with some great prizes up for each Pool nominated.

Spectators can enjoy the outstanding performance on display by the competitors plus the bonus sideline events planned for the day.  Details to be announced shortly.

Please check out the Competition Page and Competitor Pack for all competition details including rules and regulations.  Stay tuned to City Summit and our Facebook page for more announcements.