Professional Climber Workshop Series

We have two professional climbers visiting us in Perth this month to deliver some great climbing workshops at City Summit.  Want a chance to hear about their experiences, climb with them in the centre and get advice on choosing and caring for your climbing gear?

This event is open to everyone and is free to attend.  Mark it in your calendar now!  Join us at the centre on Tuesday 24th February and Tuesday 3rd March for two great nights of climbing advice and goodies.  If you want professional climbers, products demonstrations, climbing gear advice, giveaways and more then make sure you are here with us!

Professional climbers Nathan Hoette and Heather Trevarthen will be at the centre each night to share stories with you from their climbing adventures, offer advice on selecting the right gear for your climbing style, how to get the best fit with gear and how to care for and extend the life of your gear.  They will also be able to show you a few new products on the market and some soon to be released this year.


Event 1 – Tuesday 24th February 2015
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Informal presentation and discussion of climbing highlights with Q & A session.
A closer look at climbing shoes, with pro tips and care info for all climbing shoe models
Social climb with Nathan and Heather and free BBQ

6:30pm – Introduction from Nathan & Heather, Q & A, segue to our plan for the night
7:00pm – Pro Tips on selecting the right type of shoe for your climbing style, your habits and climbing aspirations
7:30pm – Fitting your shoes correctly, and how to get the most performance out of your climbing shoes. We will suggest climbing exercises you can do in the gym to help you learn the limitations of your shoes (and perhaps improve your footwork!)
8:00pm – How to care for your climbing shoes and get the most life out of them. Best tips to avoid (or at least delay) stinky climbing shoes!
8:30pm – BBQ and social climb until close ?

Event 2 – Tuesday 3rd March 2015
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An overview of climbing gear, with demonstrations, tips and info
Social climb with Nathan and Heather and free BBQ

6:00pm – Rope Mat-Weaving Demonstration with take-home flyers showing how to do-it-yourself with your old rope
6:30pm – Buying your first harness or upgrading? How to choose the right Harness for your use
7:00pm – Introduction to ropes, with rope diameters ranging from 6.9mm to 10.3 mm. Learn how the diameter of the rope you choose effects your climbing, belaying and the life of your rope.
7:30pm – A look at the latest Kong Panic extended super-long clipping quickdraw. Plus choosing quickdraws – the difference between solid gates and wire gates, different shapes and strengths.
8:00pm – Where to look and what to look for when inspecting your own safety equipment. How to care for your gear and extend the life. Q and A
8:30pm – BBQ and social climb until close

Make sure you are here to meet these two great climbers and all round lovely people plus get expert advice and questions answered on climbing gear and more.

Together Nathan and Heather have over 30 years experience climbing and working in the industry and have been lucky enough to spend a lot of that time climbing in Australia but mainly overseas in places such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, USA, Argentina and Bolivia.  Hear about their ongoing challenges and thrills climbing some of the best rock faces in the world. You will also have a chance to ask them any burning questions you may have about climbing, travelling or working in the industry. Then join them after the event for a climb and a free BBQ put on by the Summit team.

Nathan has been an Outdoor Agencies Technical Representative for 12 years with over 16 years experience at the forefront of Australian climbing.  Born and bred in Perth, Nathan has taken on the role of managing Outdoor Agencies new Climbing Department when he is not spending days on the rock.  Nathan has a deep passion for all climbing and gets bored easily often choosing to swap between long and short, vertical and steep, one-move routes and 100-move routes! He says he finds it hard to project routes as he often just wants to climb everything!

Heather Trevarthen has been climbing for 14 years and working in the industry, in retail management and climbing gyms in Sydney, for over 10 years. Heather is joining Nathan in heading the new Climbing Department at Outdoor Agencies.  While Heather is happy to boulder in the gym, when she is outside she always chooses to climb routes first!  She is most inspired seeing another person climbing at their limit and completely in the moment. She doesn’t care if you’re at the gym or at the crag or if it’s a grade 16.  She says climbing at your own limit is far more impressive and engaging to watch than a more experienced climber cruising up a 32.