Rock climbing – a great activity for kids!

Rock climbing is not just an adult sport. Your children can also enjoy this fun activity within the safety of an indoor rock climbing centre and get all the benefits for a healthy body and mind.  In addition to benefiting their heart health, it will also boost their self-confidence and co-ordination plus it helps with goal setting and achievement as they focus on the task of navigating up the wall.

If your children are already following their natural instinct to climbs things (trees, ladders etc) then this is the perfect activity to burn up all that extra energy.  The activity of climbing is great for developing their core strength and flexibility as well as hand-eye co-ordination as they make their way up the wall.  Once they have the hang of climbing, they can then challenge themselves with the different route problems set on each wall.  Each route is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. If they can stick to only grabbing or stepping on a certain coloured hold on the wall, they will be stimulating their mental skills and challenging both their body and mind to get to the top.

Rock climbing is a great low impact exercise that will work endurance.  It is also a much easier activity for kids (than adults) as they have a higher strength to weight ratio plus they have flexibility on their side.  Parents have also reported that while their child hasn’t been great at team or ball sports they have jumped and excelled with the challenge of rock climbing.

great kids activity

Rock Climbing is a great family activity

While rock climbing is sometimes viewed as an adrenaline sport, it is an activity that the entire family can enjoy. Climbing in the safety of a rock climbing centre means you can take things at your own pace and set the challenge level to be as easy or difficult as you like. It is also a great activity for parents and children to enjoy together.  It’s great for building relationships as you help guide them up the wall and ensure their safety by tensioning their ropes.

Much to some people’s surprise, rock climbing is easily accessible to any age or fitness level.  If you can climb a ladder then it’s pretty safe to say that you will be able to rock climb. Good technique goes along way over strength however if you are just starting out then you can rest easy knowing that the walls are set to accommodate both beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers.

Kids Climbing Classes

Want your child to join a rock climbing class?  City Summit offers both a 3 day School Holiday Course and weekly ongoing Kids Club Climbing Course which includes a gym membership to use the centre at any time.  For more information, please visit our Kids page on the website.  Great discounts on entry also apply each school holiday break with all day entry for your child from as little at $10 and spectators are free.  Check the website for more details or call 08 9248 7035.