Todays featured wall: The Spiderwall

The SpiderWall was our second most ambitious wall to design and was not without its problems, but it stands as one of the most impressive walls in centre; the only issue is the photo’s don’t do it justice.

It stands at 10 meters tall and is 14 meters in length, the stand out feature of this wall are the deep peaks and troughs which are 62 degree angles at its deepest part.  The design of the wall has meant that at every belay station the features and climbs are completely different presenting unique challenges to climbers.  From a climbing perspective the peaks and troughs present an awesome challenge as you are forced in and out of the wall with blind movements and the wall right in your face trying to force you off.

The SpiderWall turned out better than we anticipated but not without its challenges.  We had to reject the first frames after delivery as the fabrication did reflect our designs and meant that ply cladding was impossible.  After rectification the cladding commenced but the SpiderWall fought back by nearly taking my thumb with a circular saw… lucky I can still climb!  Finally, once cladding was completed we had to alter the frame to get it to fit in its final location.  After all this, you can imagine how rewarding the first climb was and the realisation that the climbing face turned out better than we had anticipated.

It is an impressive structure to view and even better climb, it provides great lines for both top rope and lead.  At opening one half will commence as lead and the other half as top rope; we can then swap these over giving us a stack of new climbs overnight.

We see the SpiderWall being one of the more popular walls at City Summit and can’t wait for you feedback.  We continue the countdown to opening…

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Artwork by Jeness Ray; check out our Facebook page for more photos