Western Australian Lead Climbing Championships 2014

City Summit will this year put lead competition climbing on the map in Perth so tie up your laces, strap up your velcro and pull on those slippers, because it’s time to climb . The competition has a category for competitors from all ages and all levels. Whether you’re a budding young climber keen to push the ranks, or a seasoned explorer, entering the competition will give you the opportunity to compete against other West Australian climbers that share a passion for lead climbing.

For those that haven’t yet caught on to the magnificent sport of climbing, there is room around the gym to spectate some of the best lead climbers in the state. There will also be raffles, door prizes and other goodies throughout the event. Lunch and refreshments can be purchased from the café and vending machines. Room is limited so arrive early.

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th October

To find out more or to register your place please follow the link.