Skills & Techniques
for Climbing

Are you a beginner or improving climber?

Are you looking for answers to your questions about technique, help with your general climbing skills and want practical ways to assess and correct your own climbing?

If you are just starting your climbing journey or even if you are a fair way into it, this course will give you a solid foundation of fundamental skills and techniques for climbing.  Good technique is absolutely core to the sport of climbing. From here, strength simply comes with more climbing and frequency on the wall.

You should finish the course with all the tools needed to get-to and break through the most common plateaus for beginner and intermediate climbers.  You will learn;

  • a solid grounding in fundamental techniques
  • climbing terminology
  • knowledge of grades and hold types
  • a means of self-assessment so that you can analyse & adjust your own personal climbing
fundamental climbing skills techniques

Climb smarter, not harder”

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The only requirement prior to starting the course is that you have previously climbed at City Summit. This is to ensure you have taken the free climbing induction and are familiar with our equipment and walls.

$170 per person

*Course cost covers 3 x 2hr sessions with a maximum 6:1 student to instructor ratio.

Choose a time slot

Thursdays  7 – 9pm
Saturdays 12 – 2pm

*The course runs for 3 consecutive weeks.

Next Course start dates

Thursday 4th February

Saturday 6th February

Thursday 25th February

Saturday 27th February

The biggest hurdles for beginner climbers are as much mental as they are physical and each session is specifically designed to tackle these hurdles in a structured and systematic manner.

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What is involved in a typical class?

We start with a light warm-up and stretching, introduction to course content and a recap of previous material.  Each session introduces the class to new ideas and concepts and allows exploration of these concepts with exercises and tactics.  We also assess the impact these tactics have on your general climbing ability.

During the workshops there will be opportunity for the instructor to give you personal feedback to help solidify the techniques and concepts introduced in the course.

If for any reason you miss a class, we offer individual Private Tuition with one of our awesome instructors to cover the content you missed at a discounted rate of $40 p/h.  As the course is jam packed full of information and the classes are kept small to benefit attendees, we cannot give discounts for missed classes.  Any private sessions are charged on top of the regular course fees.

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